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    Note that unlike manual injection, automatic injection occurs at the pod-level. You won’t see any change to the deployment itself. Instead you’ll want to check individual pods (via kubectl describe ) to see the injected proxy.

    The sidecar injecting webhook is enabled by default. If you wish to disable the webhook, you can use 5 to generate an updated istio.yaml with the option sidecarInjectorWebhook.enabled set to false . E.g.

    $ helm template --namespace = istio-system --set sidecarInjectorWebhook.enabled = false Statement Clutch Vera Bike Gears Clutch by VIDA VIDA XS1wTeRPcm
    > istio.yaml $ kubectl create ns istio-system $ kubectl apply -n istio-system -f istio.yaml

    In addition, there are some other configuration parameters defined for the sidecar injector webhook service in values.yaml . You can override the default values to customize the installation.

    Deploy sleep app. Verify both deployment and pod have a single container.

    $ kubectl apply -f samples/sleep/sleep.yaml $ kubectl get deployment -o wide
    $ kubectl get pod
    NAME READY STATUS RESTARTS AGE sleep-776b7bcdcd-7hpnk 1/1 Running 0 4

    Label the default namespace with istio-injection=enabled

    $ kubectl label namespace default istio-injection = enabled $ kubectl get namespace -L istio-injection
    NAME STATUS AGE ISTIO-INJECTION default Active 1h enabled istio-system Active 1h kube-public Active 1h kube-system Active 1h

    Injection occurs at pod creation time. Kill the running pod and verify a new pod is created with the injected sidecar. The original pod has 1/1 READY containers and the pod with injected sidecar has 2/2 READY containers.

    $ kubectl delete pod sleep-776b7bcdcd-7hpnk $ kubectl get pod
    NAME READY STATUS RESTARTS AGE sleep-776b7bcdcd-7hpnk 1/1 Terminating 0 1m sleep-776b7bcdcd-bhn9m 2/2 Running 0 7s

    View detailed state of the injected pod. You should see the injected istio-proxy container and corresponding volumes. Be sure to substitute the correct name for the Running pod below.

    $ kubectl describe pod sleep-776b7bcdcd-bhn9m

    Disable injection for the default namespace and verify new pods are created without the sidecar.

    $ kubectl label namespace default istio-injection- $ kubectl delete pod sleep-776b7bcdcd-bhn9m $ kubectl get pod
    NAME READY STATUS RESTARTS AGE sleep-776b7bcdcd-bhn9m 2/2 Terminating 0 2m sleep-776b7bcdcd-gmvnr 1/1 Running 0 2s configures when the webhook is invoked by Kubernetes. The default supplied with Istio selects pods in namespaces with label istio-injection=enabled . This can be changed by modifying the MutatingWebhookConfiguration in install/kubernetes/istio-sidecar-injector-with-ca-bundle.yaml .

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    Example Connector using the MediaCentral UI Toolkit to display Trello boards and cards.
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    Latest commit 1278fbb

    The Trello plugin is a simple integration example that shows how an external service can be integrated in MediaCentral Cloud UX.

    In this case the UI is built using React and styling provided by Avid.

    When opening the pane for the first time the user needs to log in. This is done by pressing the Sign In button and then confirming the login using the OAuth window of the Trello service.

    Once logged in the pane will show all boards of the user. This is a simplified implementation of Trello which allows for browsing, creating cards and editing them. It does not support more advanced Trello functions such as moving cards.

    In the board view all cards are shown with title and the number of attachments. Clicking on a card will open it to show details and allow editing of the card text.

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