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  • CBD crystals give consumers more versatility than oil. Like hemp oil, they can be added to foods, dissolved in drinks or swallowed whole, but unlike oil, crystals can also be ‘dabbed’ like FOOTWEAR Loafers VETIVER npIUNRy
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    Hi there! Interested in contributing to Jekyll? We’d love your help. Jekyll is an open source project, built one contribution at a time by users like you.

    Where to get help or report a problem Womens Summer Trainers Bearpaw kuCrXK1

    See Black Mott clutch bag Michael Kors WTLlQ05a

    Whether you’re a developer, a designer, or just a Jekyll devotee, there are lots of ways to contribute. Here’s a few ideas:

    The smaller the proposed change, the better. If you’d like to propose two unrelated changes, submit two pull requests.

    The more information, the better. Make judicious use of the pull request body. Describe what changes were made, why you made them, and what impact they will have for users.

    Pull requests are easy and fun. If this is your first pull request, it may help to understand GitHub Flow .

    If you’re submitting a code contribution, be sure to read the Comfortable Fit trousers Cadiz Brax Feel Good red Brax EfwTVJm
    section below.

    Many small changes can be made entirely through the github.com web interface.

    That’s it! You’ll be automatically subscribed to receive updates as others review your proposed change and provide feedback.

    We want the Jekyll documentation to be the best it can be. We’ve open-sourced our docs and we welcome any pull requests if you find it lacking.

    You can find the documentation for jekyllrb.com in the directory. See the section above, submitting a pull request for information on how to propose a change.

    One gotcha, all pull requests should be directed at the master branch (the default branch).

    We use a custom version of FontAwesome which contains just the icons we use.

    If you ever need to update our documentation with an icon that is not already available in our custom iconset, you’ll have to regenerate the iconset using Icomoon’s Generator:

    new-icon(s)’ css declarations

    If you want to add your plugin to the list of plugins , please submit a pull request modifying the plugins page source file by adding a link to your plugin under the proper subheading depending upon its type.

    Interesting in submitting a pull request? Awesome. Read on. There’s a few common gotchas that we’d love to help you avoid.

    Any time you propose a code change, you should also include updates to the documentation and tests within the same pull request.

    If your contribution changes any Jekyll behavior, make sure to update the documentation. Documentation lives in the docs/_docs folder (spoiler alert: it’s a Jekyll site!). If the docs are missing information, please feel free to add it in. Great docs make a great project. Include changes to the documentation within your pull request, and once merged, jekyllrb.com will be updated.

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